About Jim Wire

Jim has been a Lake Tahoe resident for over 34 years. He had first become a real estate agent in South Lake Tahoe in 1989. After practicing for 4 years, he could not pass up an opportunity to become a fitness club owner which he had enjoyed for 10 years. Thereafter, he reactivated his license and has been practicing real estate in both California and Nevada since 2004. He had experienced the last years of the real estate boom to bust and now recovery of the home sale market at Lake Tahoe. The firsthand experience with home owners in distress, has shown him the importance of home ownership for a vibrant community. He strives to always put his clients first!

He has been involved in community organizations such as the Kiwanis Sunrisers club and Toastmasters. He has also served as a director for the South Tahoe Association of Realtors for several years and is currently the Vice President. In addition to being a Tahoe certified realtor, he is most proud to have earned the Green Designation from the National Association of Realtors.  Jim has developed a network of green contractors to offer technologies that are more environmentally responsible. His inspiration comes from his grandfather whom had owned a water powered sawmill which had generated its own electricity.

If you are looking for someone that enjoys the lifestyle that Lake Tahoe affords, look no further! Jim’s greatest passion is cycling and he spends most of his free time on the trails with his mt bike. He is a member of the Alta Alpina cycling club and enjoys his time on the road as well. If you like the challenge of the Death Ride, he recommends taking it a step higher! When he is not volunteering to work the Alta Alpina’s largest event, the “8 Pass Challenge”, he is probably riding it. He calls it the Death Ride on steroids! Powder days are something that still gets him up on the mountain early in the morning. He knows all of the secret stashes! If time allows, other playtime activities include water skiing, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and hiking.

When comes to selling real estate in a small community such as South Lake Tahoe, Jim has done it all. He has experience selling homes, condos, commercial properties, short sales, bank owned foreclosures, and vacant lots. He believes that service goes beyond the sale. You may always call on him to assist you with an emergency or just a helping hand. If you need an expert, he will find the right person. He is always available and don’t be surprised when he calls you back right away!