Bicycle Evolution

February 23, 2012

Picture this: you are tasked to take a weighty object to a certain area. Carrying it over your shoulders would be back breaking that the act of dragging that particular object  would seem like a whole lot easier. The option of simply rolling it would seem heavenly.

As depicted in the situation, bearings were made with the principle that things roll better than they roll in mind. Currently, there are many kinds of bearing. With time, many changes have been made with regards to bearing production. But it could be said that the best kind would be ceramic bearings. Ceramic bearings review are outstanding as well.

Objects made from ceramic material are the best. Ceramic  balls for example are twice as hard as steel balls. Furthermore, the former can withstand significantly higher temperatures than what the latter ones can tolerate. Apart from that, ceramic ball bearings are also lighter, have smoother surfaces, spins faster, harder and requires lesser lubrication than traditional steel balls.

Ceramic bearings poses many advantage, thus ceramic bearings was further developed to be used for other purposes. It was especially used when the objective is reducing friction and gaining more speed. It was then that ceramic bearings were put in roller blades and skateboards.

But no limits were set. Ceramic bearings for bikes are becoming the standard. With time, many changes regarding bicycles were made the latest using ceramic for bearings. Ceramic bearings are better than any of its counterparts in terms of reliability, strength and weight.

Bearings made out of ceramic are very reliable. Of all the parts of the bicycle, the bearing is subjected to intense physical conditions than the other parts. Ceramic bearings are 20% more rigid and 10 times rounder than steel ones so it is more reliable.

Ceramic bearings have also been found to be 5-20 times more durable than their steel counterparts. While steel bearings usually has a life span of 3-4 years, the ceramic bearings can last a minimum of 15 years.

The weight also plays a vital role when bikes are concerned. When there is less weight, the wheels are able to spin faster. Ceramic bearings are the perfect choice because it weighs 40% less than steel bearings.

Ceramic bearings hosts a lot of advantages. But they can be costly. But when you really think about it, fitting your bicycles or any other similar items with ceramic bearings is worth the expense and the trouble. The service and the performance that it gives compensates more than enough for the expense.

Ceramic bearings are becoming more popular and manufacturing it is an industry that is quickly growing. With that, ceramic bearings suppliers are also becoming more in demand. When you want to buy ceramic bearings, you can easily buy them at stores near you. There are many suppliers, even on line.


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