Oliver Starr

September 24, 2015

09/28/2014 – thewolfwlkr

Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $300K in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Jim just helped us purchase a home and raw land in the area. He went above and beyond in every way and has earned a client for life. Not only did he help us negotiate all the complexities of buying raw land in the Tahoe Basin, he: – was consistently available to facilitate inspections and negotiations – had an excellent understanding of the real value of land and homes (we saved $62,000 thanks to Jim’s advice) – connected us to every local resource we needed — some on very short notice – never pressured us once. Jim is incredibly pleasant and easy going, but if you’re serious about buying a home, he should be on your short list for realtors in the Lake Tahoe Area.

Nicholas Pagratis

September 24, 2015

03/16/2015 – npagratis

Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $450K in South Lake Tahoe, CA

I would like to highly recomment my realtor Jim Wire. We worked with Jim for almost a year to identify and buy a property

at South Lake Tahoe. Jim was a pleasure to work with. He is even keel, and very knowledgable in his market area. He showed

us many properrties and since we were out of town he actually drove us to all showings. When it came to the closing time,

he preapared all the paper work on time and he was on top of the whole process. He finally found us a great property which

we closed December, a year ago. our relationship though did not end there. Jim was always there to help us with the

property in terms of recommending contractors, opening the properties for access to contractors, even receiving furniture

for us. It was a pleasure working with Jim and we highly recommend him to any one shopping for property in his area.

Indeed great custormer service!!! n

Paul Bierwith and Peggy Kennedy

September 24, 2015

04/07/2015 – Paul Bierwith and Peggy Kennedy

Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $775K in South Lake Tahoe.

Jim made buying a home in Souht Lake Tahoe a wonderful experience. He allowed us to take our time and really seemed to listen and understand the type of home we wanted. He always made himself available when we came into town and was extremely helpful in providing us all the information we needed about services and local contractors. Even after escrow closed he was more than willing to help. We will be delighted to recommend Jim to anyone we know that’s interested in buying or selling property in the Tahoe area.

Joyce Kaiser/Burt Barnow

July 19, 2011

Dear Ms. Chase,


I am not in the habit of
writing commendation letters because normally people don’t do much more than
what is expected; however, my experience with one of your agents, Jim Wire, was
so extraordinary, that I had to write and thank you for having him on your


Here is a run down of
events leading to my conclusion that Jim is the best.


My husband and I have a
couple of timeshares in Tahoe and we had been looking at property prices for
several years to see if buying a place might be a good investment.
Of course anyone with a brain could see that the current market was depressed
and this might be the opportunity of a lifetime so rather than just look at
pictures, I found a place on the Internet and sent an inquiry.  I
guess it was Jim’s turn to follow-up which he did immediately.  We talked
and I explained that we had houses all over the place and didn’t want anything
big or expensive to add to the collection.  He did a search based on my
requirements and sent it off to me.  I figured that taking a look at some
of the units wouldn’t take much time so we made an arrangement to look at the
lower priced inventory.  Now I understand how real estate commissions work
having bought more than 15 houses in my lifetime.  I recognized that there
wasn’t much money to be made on this transaction but never did I feel that we
weren’t the most important clients Jim had.


After finding what I
thought would be a suitable property, Jim did everything to make the process
easy.  He answered all the questions, provided names of companies who
would do inspections, provided information on gas, electric, water, etc.,
identified the greatest title people I have ever worked with, and never let
anything fall through the cracks.  There were times that I thought he
might not be paying attention to what I was saying but I was always
wrong.  He always paid attention and followed up on my requests.


I should mention that
much of what we did had to take place over the Internet as I live in
Washington, DC which made his assistance all that much more important.
The closing documents were signed in Las Vegas and I figured that would be the
end of our relationship.  I was incorrect.  Jim contacted me the day
after closing to advise me that my plan to have the gas turned on later in the
month was probably not a good one as the weather was turning cold.  He
even went so far as to contact the gas company to see if he could arrange for
an earlier turn on.  Of course the gas company refused.  I called
both the gas and electric people and make the arrangements and notified
Jim.  He then said he would go to the property to make sure it had
operating heat.  He didn’t have to do that but he did.


So, as you can see, I am
a very satisfied client and would be delighted to have you use my experience in
any of your marketing programs.  I only wish that I could have been that
client that wanted to buy Tranquility or whatever the name is of the
$100,000,000 place but I know that whoever does buy that property won’t have a
better experience than mine.




Joyce Kaiser/Burt Barnow

Erik Robertson

July 19, 2011


helped us buy two homes and sell one over the last couple years.

has lots of patience.   We are very picky when it comes to the things
we need and want. We made numerous low offers on homes over the past few
months. Jim was willing to make the offer even if it was too low in his
professional opinion.

is not a pushy sales person. Jim will give you the facts. Then he lets you make
the decision on how you want to proceed.

is very knowledgeable not only in the real estate field but of the surrounding
Lake Tahoe area.

looked for almost a year trying to get the perfect house at a bottom line price
before we found our perfect home.

love our new home and we would not have found it without Jim’s help.

highly recommend Jim Wire and will use him when we make our next real estate
purchase in the basin.

rocks. (He is also a radio star.)

regards….Erik Robertson