Ride With Your Mankini. All Eyes Upon You….Oh Dear

March 30, 2012

Journey Together with your Mankini. All Eyes On You….Oh Dear

May seem crazy?It Is The Mankini by far the most idiotic item of clothing I’ve ever encountered, but nevertheless charity is charity. Don’t read on if your screamish (Don’t worry theres no pictures! :D).Changing from my traditional padded cycling clothes would be a massive choice, especially as I ride a hardtail mtb, thus chose to wear the mankini under my jersey & bike shorts and strip as soon as the time came, the chicken’s approach but a wise one.

The day arrived as I was visiting the event (within my normal mtb clothes) I started to have the pressure, I’m no hot totty as it would be, but stripping down to a mankini then riding around using a hardtail mountain bikes seamed a stupid idea.Anyway I pressed on, it was subsequently past too far to avoid now. Waiting on the starting line I looked normal (hand’t stripped my mountain bike clothing off yet!). 5 minutes to go! I suddenly realised exploring, 100s of people might see more than my mankini if I get shaken far too much. 4 minutes to move!

3, 2, the last minute approached and I thought “it’s time” I whipped off my mountain bike clothing in seconds, hopefully by ensuring no-one noticed till I started moving, it didn’t work, possibly due to the fact I was so nervous getting my mountain bike kit off was hardly smooth.Feeling the stares the very last minute went exceptionally slow, mtb clothing thrown aside it absolutely was just me, mankini & my mountain bike, finally the klaxon went and I shot off, the faster this became done, the a shorter period I have been practically naked.
In regards to minute in I realised how good mountain bike clothing was at padding your “sensitives”, with nothing between them plus the saddle with a hardtail mountain bike my ass was acquiring beatings when compared to a 1890’s school child. I persisted a came 4th overall, though it wasn’t a legitimate race, I then darted back for my mountain bike clothing, whipped it on super fast then pretended I wasn’t “that guy” when i was identified mostly in “what is that guy wearing?!” 😀

All for that good cause and all sorts of but I won’t ever ride my bike in a mankini again, the key reason why…my ass, and the rest took a real beating without having the padding of mountain bike clothing or hell normal clothing! And that i has also been told by my mate that “ur fat was hypnotic”. Certainly not again, fun but certainly not once more.


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